Anja Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
SL Four questions on field recording Engraved Glass Publishing 2017 SL Listening geographies: Landscape, affect and geotechnologies. Progress in Human Geography 2017 SL Of What is Heard and Not Heard Errant Bodies 2016 SL Geopolitics and the Anthropocene: Five propositions for sound Geohumanities 2015 SL Field-Recording: Bellbirds, Melbourne Zoo 2014 Untitled 2014 SL Dirty Ear Forum Errant Bodies 2013 SL A sonic geography of the voice: Towards an affective politics Progress in Human Geography 2011 SL Field-Recording: In Dreams, Hamburg 2011 Untitled 2011 SL Your Voice is a Suspension of Time New Adventures in Sound Art 2011 SL Field-Recording: Yuen Po Bird Garden, Hong Kong 2010 Untitled 2010